Art in Photography Courses


Yan Moh has taught photography since 1999, beginning his teaching career for the British government. As well as teaching, Yan Moh is the author of the ‘Art In’ series of photography books and a professional photographer with a great emphasis on bringing out the art that individuals and photography can create. 

Now he has created a set of courses specifically designed to give his students the best opportunity to enjoy, create and even turn professional.

From beginner to expert, these courses explore individuality and guide you through the quagmire of commercialism, marketing and unnecessary requirements. They concentrate on the heart of photography and are designed to create expressive and unique photographers as they develop their techniques and their art based on their eye.

Each student is treated as an individual and their progress is for them to decide as they are guided and taught what they need to know and what tools they are best suited to. These courses can be privately taught or as a group whilst still maintaining the focus on each students personal eye and imagination.

 You will explore the basics of photography equipment, technique and composition and explore your very own style and artistic expression so that you can progress and make each your very own. All genres are covered and it does not matter whether you have the newest state-of-the-art system or a smartphone camera, if that is your choice of light capturing tool then you will be helped to get the best from it and yourself. These course are your foundation onto which you build the artist we all uniquely have inside us.

We have two ‘Art in Photography’ courses:

1, Beginner – An emphasis on the basics of photography.

2, Intermediate – Improving technique and artistic vision.

For yourself or as a gift, contact us now to discuss your requirements and we will help you all the way.